IDLE HOUR is located within the Midland Building on Western Avenue, between 15th Street & 15th Place.  To easily access the studio entrance and loading dock:

  • from Western, turn onto 15th Place (No Outlet), which is 1 block south of 15th Street
  • follow 15th Place along the length of the building and into the back parking lot
  • once in the parking lot, veer right towards the large loading dock on the back (west side) of the building
  • a set of yellow stairs will signify that you've arrived at the correct loading dock
  • call/text your IDLE HOUR contact and we will come get you


Plentiful parking is available for renters and guests.  Parking is permitted

  • in the back parking lot, facing the building
  • on 15th Place, along the building (unless otherwise posted)
  • on Western Avenue

Parking is NOT permitted:

  • in the back parking lot, along the northern edge (this is reserved for Central Baking Co. vehicles only)
  • in the back parking lot, next to the concrete barricades
  • in front of any loading docks (unless you are un/loading)
  • in the underground parking garage