IDLE HOUR currently has 1,350 sqft. of dedicated studio space available to rent to an individual or small creative entity.  The lease also includes shared use of an additional 1,500 sqft. within the studio.  The dedicated studio space is ideal for:

  • photographers
  • prop & set styling
  • interior designers
  • overstock storage
  • costume & wardrobe
  • curators, collectors
  • furniture staging
  • gallery storage
  • artists, painters, sculptors
  • importer/exporter
  • small businesses
  • unique creative endeavors 

rental Rate: $1,300/MONTH

Your monthly investment includes all utilities and will accompany a 1-year lease with the possibility to renew.  Tenants must have business insurance. Deposit required.  Open to build-out within space, with consideration.  Amenities listed below.

 looking into 1200 square feet


  • high-speed wifi
  • electric, heating, water
  • private garage parking
  • loading dock access & dollies
  • cardboard recycling
  • in-building contractors
  • in-building crate builders
  • shared studio bathroom
  • shared kitchenette area
  • shared lounge & meeting area
  • guest parking
  • bulk waste disposal
  • option to rent shelving
  • 24/7 access
  • secure mailroom & mailbox
  • water delivery
  • shared studio balcony
  • shared tables for props/prep or workstations
  • lots of encouragement & positive vibes