IDLE HOUR was founded by four female entrepreneurs who needed a multifunctional environment to serve as an art studio, photo studio, furniture storage, prop library,  and general creative incubator.  It's a space where we balance chaos with order, create beauty from refuse, and tell stories through objects.  We support, we encourage, and we work hard.


South Social & Home

SOUTH SOCIAL & HOME is a creative design studio that develops immersive moments for commercial & event production, day-to-day living, and travel-based experiences.  Founded in LA in 2009 by Dean Renaud, SS&H works in Chicago, throughout the US, and internationally.


Some Like Us

SOME LIKE US curates collections of simple, modern/vintage clothing & accessories, which are available at select shops throughout Chicago & Brooklyn and found throughout the year at pop-ups, local markets, and private events.  Creative Director India McQuoid is also a prop & wardrobe stylist. 


ANEW is a studio that designs and fabricates custom installation art in collaboration with architects, art directors, designers, as well as directly with clients in a wide-range of industries. Lead by Linsey Rosen, formerly of INDO, Anew is based in Chicago and takes works nationally.